Have you ever thought about what motivation truly is down to it’s deepest roots? Motivation is simply words or concepts that influence our ways of thinking in order to get us to take massive amounts of action towards greatness including our goals and dreams.


As I have dedicated my life towards Personal Growth/Development and Motivational speakers I have decided to sum up a lot of my learnings and have decided to share them with you in my own words. Enjoy.


1. Why

What am I motivated about and why? At the very beginning of achieving anything, you have to determine what you are going after but most importantly why. Your actions will be determined in direct proportion to what level of desire you have to achieve your goals and dreams. Your desire is directly affected by the reason that you are going after something. So before you draw the map of achievement, you must really dig deep into your emotions and determine what would set gasoline on your fire. You should put a lot of time and effort into this and decide that there are no other options than fulfilling these goals and dreams.


2. Creating Goals

Creating goals the statement alone can seem kind of cliché but really creating daily goals is what keeps us on the success track. If we look at our goals on a regular basis we will be reminded of what needs to be done and therefore can act towards those goals. Goals are just a simple reminder of where we want to go and your system to get their.


3. You are your own best leader

You are your own best leader. Success is not going to come out of thin air, as you are the only one who is going to lead you to success. Pay attention to your thoughts, make sure that what you are saying to yourself are things like “If I don’t start now then I won’t ever start” or “Success isn’t going to work unless I work”. Start being strict on your daily thoughts because, in order to take action, you must first think about action.


4. Influence Awareness

Make sure you understand who or what is influencing you. Don’t let those who do not have what you desire influence your state of mind or opinions. Even those close to you who you love dearly such as friends and family can keep from your goals and dreams. If others don’t have what you want then why should you buy in their beliefs?


By the same token if you find a person or a group of people who share the same passions, similar beliefs as your goals and dreams then as your own best leader do what’s necessary and become good friends with those people.
When you buy into the opinions and beliefs of others you buy into their lifestyle. This belief could work for you or against you. Expect greatness and from there intuition will guide you.


5. Attitude

Use your attitude to your advantage. Your attitude towards life is exactly why we are where we are. Set your mind towards a positive mental attitude, towards your goals and dreams, and nothing can stand in your way. Have you ever noticed around New Years how many people create their New Years resolution, are super excited about starting new goals, reinventing themselves and then quit going after success within a mere month?


The reason they quit is they lost the lack of enthusiasm. They lost that fire that had started to begin with. If they had just built up their attitude and realized that 30 days is a small stepping stone. Any kind of great success is going to be based on the lifestyle that you choose. Have an attitude towards greatness until…….


This is the kind of attitude that will work for you instead of against you so be aware of your thoughts.


6. Slight Edge & The Compound Effect

The Slight Edge pretty much sums itself up. To get an edge in life, you must be doing the very slight of actions over time. Our entire lives are made up of the Slight Edge every action that we have taken has given us our life’s product. The small seemingly insignificant acts equal are current reality. Small positive efforts every single day take in the compound effect.


The Compound Effect states that one action plus one action does NOT equal the production of two actions over time, because one action followed by another action work off of each other, creating a multiplying effect instead of an additive one. So start thinking about each action you take in terms of multiplication, but only if you continue to stay consistent, your individual actions will multiply.


The Slight Edge turns into Compounding Efforts creating a factor invisible to the eye called momentum. Momentum is what takes all those tiny little actions and creates a downhill motion and after enough time momentum is almost unstoppable. Success is created through the process of the slight edge actions creating compounding efforts creating momentum.


7. Avoid Comparison

This is the ultimate reason why people quit their dreams. We are competitive beings by nature, so we often look to those who have what we want, then jealousy and anxiety kicks in. You must understand that when you see someone’s success, you usually don’t see what they had to go through on a regular basis. They had to go through successes and failures just as the rest of us just as I who is has great dreams for this very blog.


Always remember that the only person you are in competition with is yourself and that you are always looking to better yourself on a moment to moment basis. It’s not where you are now, it’s what direction you are headed in and who you will become in the process.


8. Visualization

We are emotional human beings and react largely based on emotions. Our emotional state cannot tell the difference between something we see with our own two eyes and something we visualize in our minds. Make sure that you continue to visualize your success on a daily basis. Be happy and content with what you have now while you go after what you want. Whenever we take actions we think about taking actions first and then physically apply action. The same exact things occur when visualizing success.


9. Is time on your side or against you?

Time Compared to Eternity, the seconds of RIGHT NOW are worth more than all the money, gold and silver in the world. It’s because we can have more money but we can’t have more time, because once it passes we can never have that time back. Time can be working for or against you. If you are working on your personal growth and going after your dreams, than it is working for you. If you have decided that right now isn’t the perfect time to go after what you want and continue to procrastinate then it’s working against you. Time is going to pass anyway, so choose to have it on your side by taking the daily actions towards your growth and dreams.


“Suffer the pain of Self-Discipline or suffer the pain of regret.” – Jim Rohn


10. Embrace the Journey & Have fun

Have as much fun as possible and by that I mean making an effort on an emotional scale to feel as if you are constantly having fun on your journey towards success. Of course, the slight edge actions that you take aren’t always going to be the most fun, but that’s exactly why you must embrace the journey and understand that your highs and lows are one with each other. Failing is unavoidable but enough consistent failing and adapting is the success outcome. This is why you must always make it point to have fun.


11. Give yourself Rewards

Give yourself rewards if you feel that you are truly working hard and dedicating yourself to your goals, don’t forget to reward yourself. A good reward can be in place every time you reach a significant goal in your business. Just remember not to let yourself get too carried away with this, because, as your own leader, you must set your standards through the roof!


12. Love yourself because your life depends on it.

Love yourself like your life depends on it; because it does. Your Self Concept is extremely relevant to going after what you want. The standards you set for yourself largely depend on how much you love yourself. Love yourself to greatness and don’t settle for anything less. When you try to take short cuts, or you don’t take action towards your fulfillment, being fearful and thinking negative thoughts, you ultimately don’t love yourself enough. Think highly of yourself, think of yourself as someone who is going to achieve great things and nothing is going to stand in your way.


All in all, true success is going to be a long ride as long as your why is deep enough and your thoughts are big enough. Develop a positive mental attitude and don’t let the negative opinions determine your actions and your success. Pull yourself forward towards the future that you visualize using the Slight Edge for today’s actions. Understand that time is going to pass and that you are willing to do whatever it takes today not to regret the tomorrows of the future.


Compare yourself to your past but keep moving forward using rewards after achieving goals and develop a deep love for yourself by having an extreme desire for greatness and nothing less.