This may come as a shock to you but, the existence of the world today is blind to what truly matters in their lives.

Societal speaking anyways.

The point of these questions aren’t to belittle the life in which you live today but merely as opening you up to perspectives on the lives we live.

When reading this do the best you can to soak in everything but most importantly use the questions below and apply the information directly after reading this article.



1. Are you doing what you love for a living?


Remember that the average life expectancy is only 75-85 years long. Its clichés very close sibling but you only live once so there is absolutely no reason and no excuses that you shouldn’t be spending a quarter of your life not being truly happy and passionate about what you do for a living.


In all seriousness it’s time for you to start having a tough love for yourself. Don’t worry about what others want for you, start right this second and determine what you truly love and are passionate about and revolve your life around it including what you do for a living.

Also be realistic about what it is you would like to do! Obviously everyone would love to sit on the beach and get paid but that’s just not the way the real world works.


2. If your job or career isn’t what you want what’s your plan?


Unless you’re already doing what you currently love for a living skip this but if it’s not don’t do yourself a displeasure by not reading on. The first thing we must do is develop a plan on how we are going to make a living to determine what we want! The internet is unlimited with job and career ideas and information on how to get their.


Steps of importance


  1. Determine what you love. It’s not hard. What do you find yourself doing most of the day on a consistent basis?
  2. Create a plan
  3. Take little steps every day to acquire that plan.
  4. Stay consistent! It’s the little the choices we make every day that will bring us to the promise land
  5. No matter what you do don’t quit. Life and time are going to pass no matter what it is we are doing so make sure you are doing the things right this second regardless if you can see the outcome. Learn to desire your plan so high that no amount of fear, roadblocks, and current life activities stand in your path to getting the career you deserve.
  6. Find a good time to reevaluate your plan, make adjustments but stick to the basics.



3. Are you reaching out of your comfort zone?


If you’re not reaching out of your comfort zone on a regular basis than your living your life to its fullest. In order to receiving anything great worth fighting for you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone on a consistent basis.  No amount of excuses that you come up with in your mind for why things didn’t work out will get you to where you want to be. So step up your game in life, find your weaknesses face them head on and you can have what you want.

What are you doing in your spare time?


If your comfortable living in the world of Social Media, Video games and TV. Jump out of your comfort zones with a parachute or you will regret it later on in your life. It’s called 20/20 hindsight so invest in yourself by taking getting out of your comfort zone in present.


It’s time to wake up and be productive. Nobody will do it for you and you will continue to stay in the same spot for days, months and years until further notice!



4. What do you ultimately want in life and how do you want to be remembered?


Such an important question that not enough people take the time to ask or to think about. Until we are absolutely positive what we want to get out of life and how we want to be remembered we will only continue to go through the motions every day and slowly our lives will pass not having truly lived up to our potential.


How many times do you hear the saying “Wow that seems just like yesterday, or just a couple of months ago”?


When in reality it was a few years ago or even longer.

How many times can you picture something in your life that is extremely vivid that happened a long time ago in your life?


It’s because life demands so much thinking, so much doing that we go on autopilot where time evaporates through are subconscious mind.  Sure we have tons of great memories, tons of good moments with the people that we love but think about this for a moment.



5. Are you living for the memories that you have had or the one’s that you would someday like to create?


Instead of living for past, live in the present for the future.  Really think about something great you can accomplish and go after it.


Similar to having the job you want, you must create a plan, take smalls steps to get there, don’t quit and get out of your comfort zone.


Create a new meaning to your life, create a new vision and don’t stop until you create it. When you put new meaning to your life hold yourselves to your highest standard and don’t let your fears determine if you will live up to those standards, the way you want to be remembered among the generations to come.


After doing extensive research on the emotional state happiness, there was but one conclusion to the ultimate form of happiness.


That was that it didn’t matter what type of car we drove, where we lived at, what kind of clothes we wore, the music that we listened to, the type of objects we owned but the natural desire to be loved and feel wanted.


Most humans don’t realize it when they are trying to think of the things that they want but deep down inside what they really want is exception, to be loved, to be noticed and to feel wanted!

So in order to bring your life’s to the next step answer these questions



6. How often do we think of others?


Understanding that we want to be accepted, noticed, and to feel loved we are in our most unhappy form when we think about ourselves.


There’s no question that most of have busy days but what gets caught up in the life is that we forget to take time out to think about others. Once we take the focus off ourselves and what we currently have going on a daily and think about what is going on with others we can be happier!



7. How often do we try and improve on our daily relationships


This one is extremely important. No matter what job you’re doing and no matter how good you are at it the world is run by people.


People interact through relationships. It’s extremely important to take time through the day to build on your relationships.


No matter how good or bad you currently perceive a relationship you have with someone you can reach out of your comfort zone in order to improve on it.


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer

Thinking of others and improving on relationships will go hand in hand. Once you start thinking of others is when you can start to improve on relationships.


Have general conversations, ask how their day is going, what can you do to help them which leads to the next number Nine.



8. How often do you help people?


Thinking of others, building relationships in its most sincere form is by helping people. It shows that you are willing to use your time, go out of your way and to give effort in order to improve someone else’s life.


This will build your character, improve your happiness, and improve on the lives of others.



9. Are you happy with your current situation?


This will sum up just about every question. Although you may be happy with your overall life we as humans are not perfect which means there must be some area of your life that you are not happy with. If there is not an area in your life that you are happy with then you have to be willing to change your thoughts and actions. It’s the same thing as a math problem if you want to change the outcome than you have to change the input of the problem.


Hold yourselves to the highest standards possible. Life is too short to settle for anything less than achieving those excellence.


And last but not least.



10. Are you learning and growing your mind every day?


It’s awfully hard to change your outlook on life overnight, if this article changed the way you think and you’re ready to take action to make your life better than great.


Most people however need time to grow in order to achieve greatness which is perfectly fine. Just like with anything great we have to inch our way to change. Inch implies that we are taking action which is half of the battle.


Life is an emotional roller coaster with hundreds of thousands of thoughts running through us, emotions that we have and decisions that we have to make every single day of our lives.


If we aren’t taking the time to grow our minds through reading and learning than we aren’t making life any easier on ourselves and thus not creating full potential.


The most important thing man can achieve in his life is growing his self each and every day by challenging his mind and learning.


By improving our minds every day we can control our emotions, control our thinking in a more positive manner, make better decisions, make a name for ourselves, create the life we want and continue to grow our happiness.


Daily practices.


  • Think of others
  • Improve relationships
  • Help people
  • Go after your dream job
  • Create a new meaning for your life and live for it!
  • Get as far away from your comfort zone as possible!
  • Substitute your spare time with productive to improve your life!
  • Pick one day a month to reevaluate your life and if you’re headed in the right direction!
  • And continue to learn and develop your thinking!