Have you ever learned a certain industry and never truly understood what the ultimate definition or purpose for such education was?


Any sort of Personal Growth, Development, Motivation & Inspiration are merely just different types of education in order to change our thoughts, beliefs systems that will ultimately influence us to change our actions and attitudes towards life helping us reach our higher potential in life.

Understanding this we are going to break down Personal Growth and Development. The different concepts and components and why they are important in our lives.


1. Self-Awareness


Self-Awareness is the very starting point almost the introduction if you will to any Personal Growth and Development. Self-Awareness is the knowledge you understand about yourself pertaining to all aspects of your life such as your thoughts, emotions, behavior and everything else that affects your life and those around you.


Thoughts, emotions and behavior are all interconnected with each other and largely make up the soul of our being. Our lives are made up of consistent behavior (Habits) which are directly affected by our thoughts and emotions.


If there’s a particular area of your life that we don’t well or feel emotionally stressed we can only make the necessary adjustments by first being Self-understanding (Self-Aware) why we feel this way. Once introspection occurs then we will be able make the right changes moving forward.



2. Improving and Learning New Skills


A lot of times we learn a new skill we become comfortable with that skill and we continue to use it which is great it is the first step necessary to improving it. However learning new skills is a vital to Personal Growth and Development. The value towards ourselves and others is largely dependent on the skills we attain in the process of building a career or going after success.


Continue sharpening our current skills by using them consistently and getting out of our comfort zones to learn new skills as well.



3. Facing Fears


Jack Canfield say’s “Most everything you want is on the other side of fear”. Which is true. Fear comes in many different forms. The most common one is the fear of failing but also one is the fear of succeeding. A lot of people are afraid of change because as humans we get used living certain ways and are ultimately in our comfort zones. A way of living that we conform too and we must not let it. Fear is a process of our thinking. Failing is a way of life. Even those who have great successes fail regularly because they know without it success would have never been capable and neither would it going forward.


If feel you get too comfortable in your comfort zone, by fearing failure or success because once time is gone that time is never coming back. Fear only one thing and that is regret.



4. Building Habits towards Persistence.


Our entire lives are built from habits. What we have done on a consistent basis is concluded by our current realities. In order to build better habits that would require us to be Self-Aware and reflect on our current daily habits. What do you do on a daily basis? This is the answer to your current outcome and in order to change a different future outcome we must change our daily habits.



5. Becoming a Self-Leader


In order to improve your life to your daily relationships and your daily life product it is simply going to be up to you. Now sure there are going to be outsiders who have impact on the way you go through life but you are ultimately your own best leader and the one who has the biggest impact on your life’s outcome, don’t let the outsiders influence what direction your life is headed in.



6. Building a higher Self-concept/Esteem


Self-Concept is the way that you see yourself. Have you ever thought about the way that you see yourself in a general nutshell? If you haven’t its extremely important to your entire life. Your Self Concept is what you go after in life and what you’re able to accomplish.

People who have a low self-concept/esteem only choose to live in poverty, choose to live average and choose to conform to society. On the flip side those with a high enough self-esteem see opportunities in life to go after their dreams while staying persistent, choose happiness, set goals, get out of their comfort zone and end up living a high self-fulfilled life.

You have to love yourself like your life depends on it, because it does! Choose to love yourself to greatness. This will take a lot of self-awareness and introspection but don’t settle for anything less than what you are capable and everyone is capable of greatness.



7. Health and Wellness


The greatest gift that was given to us was the life that we have. The greatest thing we can do in our lives is to practice getting more. Choosing to live a healthy life and to exercise weekly is the best way to give ourselves a longer shelf life. As a self-concept of greatness choosing to live a healthy life is the best thing you can do as your own best leader.



8. Fulfilling aspirations


The greatest thing about going after more is that it makes us become a different person, a better person. It pushes us to our limits and thus can bring joy and satisfaction.


If you look at all the greatest success in the world, it’s because they had a vision in mind to become successful, achieve their dreams. And once they achieved them they made new ones because the all the money in the world cannot bring the satisfaction of simply achieving our Self Fulfilling potential.



9. Improving Social Abilities and Relationships


Unless you lock yourself in a dungeon for the rest of eternity you will have no choice but to deal with people. Dealing with people is largely based on your attitude which is based on perception. Have an attitude towards people you give them the benefit of the doubt, they are different from you so they have different opinions, be respectful and choose to listening as your best friend and you will have many get best friends.



10. Dealing with Emotions


Understanding your emotions is a vital part to your life. Any emotion that you have ever had has largely been dependent on your belief system/perception. Thoughts are the seed that grow into emotions. If you are a sad, angry, mad, jealous, and anxious at someone or something than you choose to change your feelings by changing your perspective. You can turn your emotions from sad or angry towards being happy, content. It is why they say happiness is a choice because you always have the choice to choose your attitude towards life.



11. Defining our purpose.


Why is it that maybe the most important question in your life is why you are here on earth or simply why do you get out of bed every morning, goes unasked? The answer to this question is what will motivate you to live out your dreams, aspirations and live a Self-Fulfilled life. It is ok not to know the answer to this right now but it’s very important to be self-aware of the question pertaining to that which is life. Finding a purpose in your life is figuring out a value system, a standard system for your life. A purpose for your life isn’t concluded until the end of it.


It will continue to change and readjust as you go through life experiences, learn more and improve more. A great purpose in life can just choosing to by happy, to make a difference in the world to go after your dreams. You are the only one who can define it but once you do set a value system, standard way of living towards your purpose and live consistently with that.


In conclusion there are lot of different aspects pertaining to life and a lot of times life can become very overwhelming. Personal Growth and Development books, audios and concepts are here to help us improve in as many different life aspects as possible.


If you choose growth you are choosing to make a much better you making the world a much better place.